Acne Symptoms

Symptoms of Acne

Acne, is a common sebaceous inflammation of hair follicle in adolescence. Generally after adolescence, acne will automatically heal or reduce, so many people regard acne as a young symbol. In real life, small pimples also appear on the face of many adults. These small pimples are very similar to acne and are hard to be identified. What skin diseases are very similar to acne?

Occupational acne: Occupational acne is closely related to the professional and working environment, such as long-term exposure to diesel, gasoline, all kinds of lubricants, paraffin, chlorine compounds, etc., easily leading to occupational acne. The distribution of this rash has its own characteristics. Typical parts are near the eye, cheekbones, but also in the back of the hand, perineum, limbs and trunk. This rash is often manifested as blackhead acne and folliculitis, and some people feel itching. If there are more blackheads, the skin becomes gray. Severe folliculitis will cause abscess, which may leave a scar, affecting the appearance for beauty.

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